Hosting @ PMS Network

So here's the gist: We have space to host other people's websites on a small, personal scale.

The main advantage of getting hosting from us instead of going to other commercial hosters is that you get the power of large-scale hosting at a VERY inexpensive price. Where you'd have to pay ~$50-100/year at other commercial hosting places, you can get from us for ~$1-10/year instead. Depending on what you're looking for, this could be the best deal you'll ever find.~

Contact to set up a deal or ask questions!

When setting up a deal, please include the following as a minimum:
Desired username (FTP login name)
Amount of disk space requested
Amount of monthly bandwidth requested

You can request these when setting up a deal or anytime while we're hosting you (use common sense please):
Subdomains you would like/domains you would like to transfer/domains you would like to have registered
Forwarding e-mail addresses you would like + e-mail addresses to forward to
MySQL server/databases (also tell me what you want to install)
Wordpress, phpbb installations
FTP Password changes


Base price: $1/yearly per gigabyte of diskspace, up to 100GB. Any gigs of space above 10GB are only $.50 per. Any gigs of space above 30GB are only $.10 per. 100GB comes to $27/yearly.
Bandwidth: 50 gigabytes/month. $1/yearly per additional 10GB/month, up to 300GB/month. Most personal sites won't need to worry about going over the base limit.
Main features:
FTP, SFTP, Shell access (default is FTP)
Free subdomains ( or at your own domain if you decide to register one)
Domain registrations (additional price, see domains registrations list below for more details). Optionally, you can register your domain through Dreamhost yourself, and this will give you full control over your domain registration while we supply the hosting.
Domain transfers (the domain must be at least 60 days old, registration will be renewed upon transferring, and domain fees will be transferred to Dreamhost's rates)
Forwarding e-mail addresses at your domain/s or subdomain/s (ex: or )
MySQL server/databases (required for installations such as Wordpress, phpbb, oekaki, etc)

Available free installations/upgrade maintenance:

Domain registrations (optional):
Most common (.com .org .net .info): ~$13.95/year
Dreamhost list of domains

Please note that we are under Dreamhost's Terms of Service and those we host are also expected to follow them.

Payment methods:
Paypal (Paypal fees will be applied, +3% of base price for payments outside the US)
Concealed cash (at your own risk)

Currently hosting:
Eldania - Legendz Fansite - Since May 14, 2007
Webmaster: nezucho

RayBound - Anime Projects - Since July 28, 2008
Webmaster: Mitch

kataomoi - Artist - Since September 16, 2009
Webmaster: taichikun14

Digital Scratch - Translations - Since July 9, 2011
Webmaster: onkeikun

Heartette - Portal - Since September 23, 2013
Webmaster: Jo


Thanks for reading!!